Rough draft

The animal body – how it is used for its products. Pasiphaë. Catherine the Great. Pepys jealous of the dog. (Micrographia that day.)

580. Eyes

Strength of sight meant loss of other things

explosion of colour on the earth

Muscles and nerves working together

Form and shape (jellyfish like creatures)

(Flatworms) circulation, heart, brain. Cordate – chords along their bodies



480 Jaws

390 Fins > legs. Tetrapods from ground-dwelling fish?

No wrists, Legs unable to support them – crawling through mud with short periods out of water. 365? On Land?

Lizardy reptile – eats insects and millipedes. Running about on land.  Keratin (for claws) scales, hair, nails

(Tanya Wyatt – hard to get on with the lizards -so handbags.)